2017 Strathmore Stampede Poster

2017 Strathmore Stampede Poster

For the sixth consecutive year, I have had the honour of designing the Strathmore Stampede Poster.  The heart of the 2017 poster represents the strength, courage and the proud tradition of the western family.  The three boys confidently walk through the prairies of Southern Alberta, following each other's instincts like their ancestors before them.  The line the young boys form signifies a graph trending upwards that stands for the growth of agriculture.

I gathered inspiration from three major sources;

The pop culture reference to the famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover.   I have always felt it was a wonderful composition.  

An old photo my parents had when I was growing up of two little farm boys having a conversation with the caption “You been farming long?”  I wanted to capture the same playful nature these boys showcased.

The bright, soulful colours of John Deere.  Whenever I think of imagery that speaks to agriculture I think of John Deere.  I wanted to make sure the poster’s colour theme provided a breath of fresh air to the viewer.