Calgary Flames 2015 Playoff One Minute Warning

Calgary Flames 2015 Playoff One Minute Warning

The Calgary Flames defied all odds in 2015 by making the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Not only did they make the playoffs, they defeated the Vancouver Canucks in 6 games and put up a good fight against the Pacific Division Champions the Anaheim Ducks.   

The highlight of the playoffs for me was working on The Calgary Flames one minute warning video.  Every game a one minute warning video is played that then leads into the opening video. The announcer, Beezly, will announce to the crowd that the lights will go out in one minute.  A quick 60 second video is then played showcasing motion graphics timed to a music track.   One minute warning videos are usually created with more of a motion graphic treatment utilizing photos of the players, fans and other in game related stuff.   

When I found out that I would be tasked with helping create graphics for the video I went searching for songs.  In 2004 The Flames went on a magical run losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games of the Stanley Cup Final.  During that playoff run the team used the song "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence.  It was well suited since the team had missed the playoffs for the past 7 years.  Now that The Flames last playoff appearance was in the 2008-09 season (5 years ago) it made sense to try and reuse the song again in some way.   

I found this awesome remix of the song on YouTube by BlackSkyAudio.  This version of the song has a very atmospheric vibe to it giving it more of an "easter egg" feel.  I figured it would give the hardcore fans that where apart of the 2004 run goosebumps.  I am not sure about the goosebumps, but users on CalgaryPuck noticed.

I tag teamed the project with Chris Dunwald, a fellow employee.  I created the portion of the video from 0:16 seconds to 0:32 seconds.  I used a technique called the parallax effect which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect.  Below are a few photos I used to create this effect.  I have added a transparency to each layer so it can be seen what was cut out and how many different layers where used.

Below you will find each section of the video cut down into a gif with a description of small details and some Calgary Flames easter eggs.