Shutter Live @ The Blind Beggar

Shutter Live @ The Blind Beggar

Last night was a blast from the past.  I attended Shutter's first gig in over five years, 12 years featuring the original line up.    The original Shutter boys, Devin Pedersen (guitar and vocals), Mathew Rapuano (drums) and Sheldon Ancion  (bass) put on a hell of a show.  

I recently purchased a new toy and brought it out to the party!  A few weeks ago I bought the Canon 24-70 2.8 ii.  At first I was a little sceptical about the price tag and the lack of image stabilization, but since viewing the images the lens produces, my mind has been blown!  This is a beast of a lens!  The colours and dynamic range are fantastic and it is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used.  

The highlight of the new lens was being able to step down to f/2.8 and abandon the flash.  In the past I was pretty big on using flash photography at gigs like this in lowlight situations but now since I am running with the Canon 5D iii I feel pretty safe cranking the ISO up and shooting with the lens wide open.  On this particular night I shot with an ISO of 10,000 and feel the photos are still useable. 

VSCO Film was used in the post-production.  I don't normally like to edit with presets but VSCO Film is just too good to pass up.  After doing extensive research into what preset packs to purchase, I picked out VSCO 05 and VSCO 06.   I feel both preset packs complement my shooting style well and provide a great starting point in post production.  A majority of the images I am displaying from the gig use VSCO 06's C-E100VS XP preset.

Now for the blast from the past part... 


The night was quite the treat since I was once the bass player for the band and had a hand in writing multiple songs.  I am credited with helping write Tornado, Favourite Sin and Someday.  You can view demos of the songs below, each song featuring myself playing bass.

The highlight of my time with Shutter was competing for The Vibe 98.5 $100,00.00 Star Search in 2007.  We did not win but left an impression with the judges!  Make sure you watch until the very end and see their reactions!

Overall I am extremely happy with how the photos turned out and that the band is back together!  It has been over a year since I have shot a live gig and can't wait to get back at it!